White House Suspends Sanctuary City Reports

The White House has decided to stop their weekly sanctuary city report because there were concerns about the accuracy over the data collected.

The Decline Detainer Outcome Reports (DDOR) name local and state government agencies that have refused to work with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's detainer program.

The issue came when it was discovered that local officials who do cooperate with ICE were being included on the list.

ICE says they acknowledge there was a processing error in late January that incorrectly:

"Attributed detainers to Franklin County, Iowa; Franklin County, New York; Franklin County, Pennsylvania; and Montgomery County, Iowa that were in fact issued to agencies outside of the respective county’s jurisdiction in similarly named locations.”

They say they will work to "analyze and refine its reporting methodologies."

The Trump administration has had issues with cities not following the detainer policies as local authorities say doing so could put them at risk for a civil rights lawsuit.

They also report that because of the fear of deportation, many immigrants are unwilling to step forward as crime witnesses and victims.

ICE spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez says the detainers are for the benefit of everyone.

"It is much safer for all involved – the community, law enforcement, and even the criminal alien – if ICE officers take custody in the controlled environment of another law enforcement agency." 

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