Ed Sheeran settles $20 million copyright lawsuit

Ed Sheeran has settled a $20 million lawsuit revolving around his hit song titled, “Photograph.”

Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington, both songwriters, accused Sheeran for copying the notes of their track called, “Amazing” which was released by U.K. X Factor winner, Matt Cardle, back in 2012.

The same lawyer who represented Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams and won their copyright-infringement case against their song, “Blurred Lines,” also represented both songwriters accusing Sheeran of copying their track.

The lawsuit accused Sheeran and also songwriting partner from Snow Patrol, Johnny McDaid.

In the court documents surrounding the Sheeran case, the songwriters stated that there were similarities that are “instantly recognizable to the ordinary observer” and that both songs shared “39 identical notes.”

“While Sheeran, McDaid, and the other defendants received career-defining accolades, awards, and a fortune for ‘Photograph,’ the true writers of much of ‘Photograph’ received nothing,” said Leonard and Harrington in the court documents.

Sheeran reached a settlement with the songwriters, although the details revolving around the agreement have not been revealed. A judge in California officially dismissed the case on Monday.

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