A Chino Hills High student with a heart condition that nearly killed her is heading home soon.

Lexi Anderson is a brave young teen from Chino Hills High School that persevered  through a heart issue known as restrictive cardio myopathy.

She was diagnosed with this incurable disease last summer and her family was not sure if she was going to make it.

On February 3rd of this year, her family found her not breathing and without a pulse at home so they rushed her to Loma Linda Medical Center. Lexi's heart stopped again on February 8th and her father said all he prayed for was another conversation with his daughter.

Lexi underwent a procedure where there was a 90% chance that she would not make it. According to her father, Lexi is a headstrong young woman and that he believes that got her through the procedure.

After the procedure the family waited and prayed for a new heart for Lexi and in March their prayers were answered and she was able to receive a heart-transplant.

This week she was able to leave her hospital room with her dad and visit her favorite spot on the hospital grounds. Doctors say she might be able to head home as early as this week.

When she gets home Lexi hopes to get back to doing what she loves: dancing and hanging out with her friends.

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