Unsuspecting Man Vs. Deer

On April 1, rapper Cary McCook was being dropped off at a local hotel after a performance in British Columbia.

A few seconds after he exits the car, he was brutally attacked.

By a deer!

He was knocked to the ground pretty hard and had someone (we're assuming the driver) snap a photo of him, complete with deer fur on his arm, so he could post it to Facebook.

The problem is...it was April Fools Day...so NO ONE he told about the attack believed him.

Not even his mom. Cary said: 

"I was like, mom, I got hit by a deer in front of my hotel room and then she kind of laughed and said, 'I've heard better than that.'"

Cary says that it wasn't until he was able to get the video from the hotel's surveillance camera and show it to people (including his mom) did they really believe that he was the victim of hit and run by deer. 

Cary is taking the whole thing in stride...he even had t-shirts made!

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