San Bernardino school shooting: Cedric Anderson's past

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Today we're learning more about Cedric Anderson, the man who walked into a San Bernardino elementary school yesterday and killed his wife, Karen Smith, inside her classroom.

His gunfire also killed a 8 Johnathan Martinez and injured another 9-year-old student.

We now know more about Anderson's shady past. Back in 1996 he claimed he was going to kill his former wife Natalie Anderson and their three children, and then kill himself after she ended their marriage.

In 1997 Natalie Anderson petitioned for a domestic violence restraining order filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court:

"Cedric called and said he wanted me to pay for the divorce. I told him no, he said we would all die, me the kids and himself."

A few months later Natalie said Cedric did this:

"Cedric called me and said he would pick the kids up from school and I would not get them back."

Anderson had also been violent with another relative, according to Natalie:

"Cedric had beat up his aunt and then called me and said, 'No b---h, the police don't (unintelligible) me but I'm going to bust your a-- before this is over.'"

Anderson eventually went on to marry Karen Smith earlier this year.

Smith's mom Irma Sykes said shortly after the wedding, Cedric started taunting Karen with baseless allegations that she was "fooling around," and he threatened to "throw her out the window."

Sykes said:

"He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. As soon as they married, he turned on her. The real Cedric came out. She just left him, and he was angry. He tried to butter her up and say all kinds of nice things to her, after he cursed her out. Anyhow, she decided no, she was not going to stay with him. And that's why he killed her.”

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