LAPD unveils new Hybrid pursuit vehicles

Ford Motor Co. unveiled the first “Pursuit-rated” hybrid police car and the LAPD might be one of the first departments to have one.

Ford claims 63% of the U.S. police patrol cars and says it sells about 32,000 Interceptors a year.

The car manufacturer gave the cars the law enforcement enhancements by strengthening the brakes, addind different wheels and tires, adding a skid plate and making sure the seats have room have police utility belts  and included an “anti-stab” plate to protect officers from any threats in the backseat.

Pricing for these patrol cars have not been announced but they will most likely be more expensive than the typical patrol cars. Ford executives said fuel savings should pay for the higher cost within one year. The LAPD will supposedly purchase 300 hybrid and hybrid electric plug-ins by 2020. 

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