Dead bat in Walmart salad prompts recall

Fresh Express has issued a recall for a limited number of its Organic Marketside Spring Mix, after a dead bat was found inside a container sold at a Florida Walmart.

Two people ate the bat salad before they realized what was in it.

The bat, a Mexican free-tailed bat, was sent to a lab for rabies testing, but it was too badly decomposed to determine whether it was infected or not.

The unfortunate bat eaters were tested for rabies as well.

So far they are in good health and haven't started foaming at the mouth.

The C.D.C said in a statement:

"In this circumstance, the risk of rabies transmission is considered to be very low, but because it isn’t zero, the two people who ate salad from the package that contained the bat were recommended to begin post-exposure rabies treatment."

The recalled salads were only distributed to Walmarts in the Southeast, so rest easy. Your Organic Marketside Spring Mix is bat free.

Read more at the New York Times.

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