Bill O'Reilly hires Clinton's ‘Monicagate’ Lawyer

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly has made quite an ironic move in his fight to keep his spot at Fox News after the numerous sexual harassment charges.

O’Reilly has hired Mark Fabiani, most notably known as Bill Clinton’s “Monicagate,” for his sexual harassment charges. O’Reilly's career took off after criticizing Clinton for having an extramarital affair in the 90’s.

Fox News has recently announced that they intend to pursue an independent investigation against O’Reilly regarding the charges of harassment, groping, and sexualized bullying from multiple women who have worked at Fox News.

O’Reilly has repeatedly stated that no woman ever called the Fox News’ sex harassment hotline to make a report on him, meaning he’s done nothing wrong. Reports from inside Fox News say that women working there think the hotline is a joke, that using it will only make them targets for retribution by higher-ups who want to protect their on-air talent.

This could all be O’Reilly’s way of saving his reputation as Fox News contemplates dropping him should they decide if his ratings and appeal on their channel is worth all the damage he is bringing to the brand and its credibility.

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