Hack in a Dumpster: Senator Anthony Cannella

Last night the despicable California legislature decided to raise gas and car taxes to pay for roads. We already had money for this, but instead our government wasted it for years.

Now Sacramento is robbing us! And there's no guarantee that this money will be used for road repair, they've promised us that in the past and it didn't happen.

Don't be surprised if democrats try to siphon this money off to pay for "high speed" rail.

Here's the roll call of votes from last night:

Look at the Senate "Ayes." Do you see the name "Cannella?" That's Senator Anthony Cannella, the only Republican who voted in favor of the tax.

He whored himself in exchange for $400 million to extend a train line from San Jose to his district. It should also be noted that he's termed out, AND he's the founder of two engineering businesses.

Gee, who do you think will get the contract to build that rail line? What a bunch of gross back scratchers we have in Sacramento!

Cannella tweeted this yesterday before the Senate vote:

Enough of this creep already! Svetlana, Ukrainians, angry Serbs, Polish immigrants! Grab Cannella and throw him in the dumpster!!!!

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