Bannon convinced not to resign by Republican mega-donor

Steve Bannon, a close Trump adviser and strategist, has been asked to stay on after making it known he wanted to resign from his position.

One of the reasons behind Bannon’s original decision was due to conflicts with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Bannon believes that Kushner and those who work closely with him have been trying to weaken his ‘populist approach.’

Kushner believes that Bannon’s advice to Trump is not helping the president gain a positive view or support for his plans and agenda.

Rebekah Mercer, a very close friend to Bannon and republican mega-donor, convinced Bannon to stay. A GOP operative who is aware of the situation said, “Bekah tried to convince him that this is a long-term play.” Mercer and Bannon have worked together on the right-wing news site, Breitbart News.

Along with having disagreements with Kushner and his team, Bannon also had to face his removal from the National Security Council on Wednesday. Bannon had threatened to quit if Trump conceded and signed off on it.

However, Bannon has received negative coverage in the media which has also added a strain to his relationship with the president.

The growing conflict revolving around Kushner and now the president has put Bannon on edge. But for the moment, Rebekah Mercer has been able to convince Bannon to stay on.

A Republican who talks to Bannon said, “It hasn’t all been fun, and I know he’s frustrated.”

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