Woman falls off California's tallest bridge trying to take selfie

A woman is very lucky to be alive, after she fell 60 feet off California's tallest bridge.  The 730-foot tall Foresthill Bridge near Sacramento is a popular stop for Instagram narcissists, who risk their lives all in the name of a good photo.

The woman was walking on a catwalk underneath the bridge when she fell onto a trail below. Lucky for her, she only fell 60 feet instead of 730 feet.

Placer County Sheriff's Office the walkways are closed because it's too dangerous to go out on them, and any trespassers would be fined.

Back in 2015 police cited 34 in just one day for illegally accessing the bridge.

Nearly 100 people have been killed from either falling or jumping off of the bridge since it first opened in 1973.

Don't risk your life for a selfie, it's not worth it. Or do it. You'll die, and we won't have to worry about your dumb genes passing on to future generations.

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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