Oregon man pulled head first into wood chipper sues manufacturer

An Oregon man who was badly injured after he went head first into a wood chipper wants $16.7 million from the company that made the chipper.

Noly Chouinard, 35, from Portland accuses Vermeer Manufacturing Company of negligence in “designing, manufacturing, installing, or selling the wood chipper machine which presented an unreasonable risk of harm.”

Back on February 12, 2016 he was pulled into the chipper when a utility rope got caught in it.

His skull was crushed, his ligaments were torn, and he suffered a number of other injuries that could leave his permanently disabled.

Chouinard says the chipper company didn't have the right technology to prevent serious injuries, especially when a person comes in contact with the machine.

A reminder to always be on alert around wood chippers. Scary stuff.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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