Moreno Valley Police Asking For Your Help Identifying This Suspect

Police in Moreno Valley are attempting to find three men last seen driving through a shopping center parking lot shooting people with paintballs. 

Several people reported being hit on Tuesday night, including one child. 

Employees called police and started taking photos of the suspects before one began threatening an employee with violence while reaching inside the passenger compartment of the U-Haul Truck. The employee retreated back inside the store after the threats were made.

The suspects are described as younger, late teens to early-twenties who were driving around in a white, U-Haul pickup truck. One person managed to snap a few photos of the offending teens before they got away. 

Moreno Valley police are asking anyone with any information to please contact Officer Nick Ramirez at 951-486-6700, comment on this post, or report anonymously at

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