BART elevators riddled with piles of poop are a civil rights violation

BART's elevators are sprayed with pee and are filled with piles of poop, but disabled riders have no choice but to use them.

A lawsuit filed today says BART's problems are a human rights violation.

In addition to the disgusting elevators, there are broken escalators, broken fare gates and call boxes, and no adequate evacuation plan for people in wheelchairs.

The suit, filed by two advocacy groups and two people with disabilities, claims BART illegally discriminates against people with mobility disabilities by making it difficult or impossible to get to the transit system.

Plaintiff and BART rider Ian Smith said:

“I encounter human waste in BART elevators several times a week — so frequently that it has become a predictable part of my commute. My hope is that this lawsuit will finally get BART to address the needs of the disability community. Your hands touch your wheels, your wheels touch the floor. A lot of people carry gloves, carry hand sanitizer. It’s not pleasant.”

What a dump!

Read more at the SF Gate.

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