Another criminal gets pants caught on fence

Remember that moron thief in Arizona last week, who got stuck upside down on a fence because of his baggy pants?

Well a similar thing happened to another creep in San Diego this week.

On Monday night police arrested a man suspected of hitting another man in the head with a rock.

Police say the victim was standing outside of an apartment complex when the suspect walked up and stoned him.

The suspect ran off but ended up getting cornered by officers and a police K9. The man was ordered to hop over the fence he was behind, but ended up getting his pants snagged on it when he did.

Officers were able to get him off of the fence, but they had to tear his pants quite a bit to do so.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The victim said he didn't know the attacker.

Maybe it was some kind of gang initiation-type thing? 

Read more at abc10 News.

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