Here are some of the proposed border wall designs

Nearly 400 companies submitted border wall designs today, and some of them are pretty interesting. These are not your typical wall ideas. The San Diego Union Tribune has put together some of most entertaining ideas submitted:

Monorail wall

National Consulting Service

"This National City-based National Consulting Service would build a monorail line above the wall. It will also use voice analysis technology to detect different emotional states of riders to possibly assist law enforcement. It says its system will keep Americans safe but also improve and revitalize sister cities along the border."

Nuclear waste wall

Clayton Industries

"The most notable feature of Clayton Industries’ design is the use of nuclear waste along the border. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company would only have a chain fence, followed by sensor panels and 100 foot trench (with nuclear waste at the bottom). If someone gets past all that, they will need to watch out for a train on a newly constructed railroad. After all of that, a person would have to scale a 30-foot wall, which is powered by a waste to energy facility, to get to the U.S."

No wall hyperloop

Otra Nation

"The Otra Nation collective of Mexican and American engineers, builders and planners doesn’t want to build a wall, but that didn’t stop them from bidding on the project. They want to turn Mexico and the United States into a “regenerative” territory with no barrier between the nations. San Diego-Tijuana would be turned into a “node of cultural production.” It will also create a $1 trillion hyperloop transportation system."

Animal-friendly wall

Black Security Products

"This Austin, Texas, company built 4-inch spacing below the bottom of its system to allow animals to pass through, as well as a rip rap (loose stone system) so that water and some small species could traverse the wall. Black Security Products's design also comes with an elevated road to allow patrol officers to look down on any potential border crossers."

Lighthouse wall

J.M. Design Studios

"Pittsburgh visual artist Jennifer Meridian turned in a series of wall designs sure to be rejected by the federal government. Her designs include a wall of 3 million hammocks, a wall of nearly 10 million pipe organs, a wall of artists redrawing borders, a wall of gravestones for migrants and refugees, a wall of lighthouses and a wall of clean water."

See the designs at the San Diego Union Tribune.

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