Gov. Brown pitches his tax hike in Riverside

The people who will be hurt the most by Jerry Brown's car and gas tax raise are the people who have to commute to work. The people who can't afford to live in the city, so they move to Riverside County or to San Bernardino County in order to have a decent home.

Today Jerry Brown had the nerve to show up in Riverside and blather on about how great his tax raise is going to be.

Brown, De León, and other democrat creeps are trying to rally the votes they need in order to pass the Road Repair and Accountability Act.

Accountability. So now they want to make sure money actually goes to infrastructure? Now they want to pay attention to it?

Let's be real, this money will not fix anything. This tax raise is a slap in the face to everyone who lives here.

KFI's Kris Ankarlo saw Brown speak in Riverside today, and reports on the gas that spewed out of his mouth:

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