Bogus Stanford study claims giving illegals driver's licenses reduced hit-and-runs

Yesterday one of the big stories was a study out of Stanford, which claimed that giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens reduced the number of hit-and-runs in the state.

Assembly Bill 60 took affect in 2015, and gave more than 850,000 illegals California driver's licenses.

The Stanford study used a "complex formula" to estimate that the rate of hit-and-runs decreased at least 7% in 2015 compared to 2014.

What "complex formula?" What's there to estimate? Either a hit-and-run happened or it didn't.

The majority of illegal aliens are in Los Angeles, and in Los Angeles hit-and-runs are up. So what kind of bogus study is this? And why are all the media outlets covering this as if it's fact?!

Don Rosenberg's son was killed by an illegal alien in an attempted hit-and-run back in 2010. Since then he's been very active in following this issue, and he's not buying this Stanford study one bit:

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