One Way to Combat Sexual Harassment

Mexico City has found an interesting way to combat sexual harassment.

They installed a 'penis seat' in one of their subway cars.

The seat is designed for 'men only' and have man's torso, including a prominent penis molded into the seat.  So if one were to sit down, they'd definitely feel something.

According to Vice News:

"A sign in front of the seat reads, "It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes.""

The whole thing is a collaboration between the government in Mexico City and U.N. Women.

Why? According to a 2014 YouGov poll of women, Mexico City's public transit system is the second most dangerous for women.  

According to U.N. Women, 90% of women who have used public transit in Mexico City say they have encountered some kind of sexual harassment during their ride.  

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of sexual harassment on the city's public transit.

An ad campaign about it shows people's reaction to the seats.  Check it out below. 


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