LA Tax For Homeless Could Be Undone By Fed Budget

The Los Angeles City Council's budget bosses say they're increasingly worried President Trump's proposed budget cuts will undermine the recent voter-approved tax increases to fund the expansion of housing and services for the homeless.

If approved by Congress the President's plan would eliminate tens of millions of dollars in grants and funding the City has relied on for community services and housing programs.

"Nothing that we have planned would deal with the contingencies that this proposed budget by the President would foist upon us," Councilman Bob Blumenfield said Monday. 

"We're going to be running to keep in place, or to prevent us from taking ten steps backwards, because the feds are going to be cutting money that goes to homelessness," he said.

The Council's budget committee has asked for a detailed accounting of the federal funding that could be in jeopardy for next fiscal year's City budget - that has to be finalized by July 1.

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