Uber's Lost and Found Show What Riders Leave Behind

Phones, keys and...lobsters!?

Uber released their list of all the stuff their riders leave in the cars of their drivers and while some are the normal every day items...others are just plain weird.

Cell phones, house keys and pieces of jewelry are the most commonly left items, but the ride share company says they've found everything from bullet-proof vests to smoke machines and even a sweet potato care package.

The company says the day of the week also effects what is left.

Saturdays bring in lost airplane tickets, wedding dresses are left on Sundays and swim suits doggy paddle away on Tuesdays.

If you want to hold on to your items,  Wednesdays are the days that seem have to have the least missing items around. 

As entertaining as the list is, Uber wants their customers to know it's easy to reclaim their lost items. 

Just go to the app, report your issue and Uber will connect you back to your driver.

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