Producer Michelle Podcast #32

Attention Producer Michelle podcast fans.....THIS IS HOW CLOSE I WAS TO CHANNING TATUM at 7:30pm on March 30, 2017!

My podcast is back and this time I tell you all about Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas!  Check it out! 

I've included a little taste of the show below with a few videos I took! 


I was supposed to review Magic Mike Live this morning on Wake Up Call.

But I cant.


I was screaming so much throughout the nearly two hour show. ..that I lost my voice.

Last night I was transported into Club Domina at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas..with about 450 other women (and a few men!)

It was pure bliss. 

I have seen Chippendales.

I have seen Thunder From Down Under.

They don't even come close to Magic Mike Live.

Gone is the cheezy fireman playing with his hose, or the cop throwing around his nightstick.

Inside Club Domina, there were a dozen real, seemingly regular guys, the kind of guys who you see in a crowd at a concert or a mall.....but these guys know how to dance and how to delight our feminine senses.

These guys were there to show us a great time,  to entertain us, to make each and everyone of us feel sexy...and they never let us forget it.

And in every case, they didn't even get naked to do so. They didn't have to.

Channing Tatum and his production crew have spent two years crafting this show, which I can only describe as part Cirque du Soliel, part Magic Mike the movie in all its awesome glory.

And it's phenomenal. There are a few small glitches to work out, some lighting and sound issues,  but I have no doubt they'll work those out quick.

Channing Tatum WAS there in the balcony, he came down to the stage to welcome us and kick off the show...and even though we chanted, screamed for him to come and dance, as the rumor mill had speculated, the only dance he did was a special lap dance during the show in the balcony on the lap of his gorgeous and very lucky wife. It was awesome.

'Pony' was the finale piece and while Channing didn't dance it himself, his bevy of beautiful men did it the justice it deserves.

Ladies, (and interested men) take my word for it...take your friends to see this show. There is NO BAD SEAT in the house. You won't regret it, and you'll have a TON of fun.

But there's just one thing,  and this is case you're wondering, the safe word is 'unicorn.'

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