Fighting back against burglars in Woodland Hills

Jeni Bianco's neighborhood in Woodland Hills is dealing with some pretty bold criminals. Earlier this month, someone stole her Range Rover from her gated driveway.

Then a few nights later, cameras caught three people with flashlights get out of a car and walk up to the gate in front of her house.

Last weekend she heard banging at the locked gate in the middle of the night.  When her husband Jim went outside to check out the ruckus, he saw two cars circling their house at high speeds "like piranhas."

Two other homes in the Bianco's neighborhood have been hit by burglars this month, and now the Biancos and their neighbors are fighting back.

They share information and photos of suspicious people through Facebook groups, the Nextdoor app, and through group texts at all hours of the day.

Jim Bianco and his neighbor Rick Grayson will even patrol the area with a large spotlight.  Good! Show the burglars they won't be tolerated!

Jeni Bianco joined us this afternoon to talk about the crime and harassment happening in her neighborhood, and what she and others are doing to fight back.

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