Sign the petition to stop SB 54's felon release!

Click here to sign Sen. Joel Anderson's petition to stop SB 54!

SB 54 is incredibly dangerous.  From the mind of loser Kevin De León, the bill would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources to help investigate, report, detain, or arrest people in the name of immigration enforcement.

It also means that violent felons will be allowed out of jail and onto the streets, where they will most likely return to and terrorize the communities they came from.

We cannot allow California to become a sanctuary state!

State Senator Joel Anderson is one of the few sane voices in California politics, and has been fighting this bill hard.

Yesterday Anderson held a news conference in West Covina, along with West Covina Mayor Pro Tem Mike Spence and Walnut Mayor Eric Ching, on the dangers of SB 54:

“If SB 54 becomes law, California will lose over $100 million in federal funding that helps to pay for local police to protect our neighborhoods, and will force ICE to perform regular community sweeps to find convicted child molesters and rapists who are eligible for deportation."

Nobody wins with this bill, don't let Kevin De León's twisted logic fool you!

Here are some of the creeps who'll be released under SB 54:

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