Sharknado Sequel - Live from Australia!

Proving once again that everything in Australia is constantly trying to kill you, a shark was found washed up on a road in Ayr, Queensland after Cyclone Debbie had soaked the area. 

Bull sharks are known for keeping to warm, shallow waters and are often found along coastlines and rivers. Cyclone Debbie swept across the coast of Australia created wind gusts up to 114 mph and dumping tons of rain on the area. No deaths have been recorded so far - however, several areas have been suffering intense flooding, creating a headache for many emergency services. 

Queensland authorities have warned people about staying out of the floodwaters - warnings which the public seems to be disregarding. Several videos of locals playing in flooded streets have surfaced online. From surfing to Ski-doos, it seems the Queensland Australians aren't letting a little rain get in the way of their good time. 

The Category 3 cyclone has since been downgraded to a low-pressure system, but heavy rainfall is expected to continue through the next day or so. 

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