Protests are raising money to buy lawmakers' browsing history and data

Protests have arisen following Congress’s passing of a bill that would take away internet privacy rules.

If the bill is approved by Trump, then internet service providers would be able to sell customers’ browsing history and data for a profit.

However, this has been met with a negative response. Some have even started fundraising campaigns with the goal to “purchase and reveal lawmakers’ browsing histories.”

 Misha Collins, an actor from the television show “Supernatural,” is using his GoFundMe page to gain donations in objection to the possible change. So far, the donations already add up to $63,000, but the goal is to reach to $500 million.

Another protestor from Tennessee has gotten 9,800 people to donate around $152,000.

The bill has been sent over to Trump, who will make the final decision to either approve of the removal of the internet privacy rules or to keep them. 

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