George Runner, Board of Equalization Vice Chair, on gas and car tax increases

Yesterday the two biggest morons in the state, Governor Jerry Brown and Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León, came out and said they're planning to raise gas and car taxes to pay for fixing roads, bridges, and freeways.

Brown said:

“California has a massive backlog of broken infrastructure that has been neglected far too long. Fixing the roads will not get cheaper by waiting – or ignoring the problem. This is a smart plan that will improve the quality of life in California."

Yeah, we have been neglecting our infrastructure for too long, and we had the money to work on it, but it was wasted on useless crap over the years.

And now Brown has the gall to come out and say, "We need to raise your taxes now otherwise we're going to fall apart!"

We can't trust the dopes in Sacramento with our money!

State Board of Equalization Vice Chair George Runner is one of the many voices blasting this news from the Capitol:

"Leave it to elite, cosmopolitan Democrats to try and raise the gas tax on working-class and poor Californians who must travel further distances to work."

Runner's right.  The Democrats in California are so out of touch with the regular person who lives here. They're hurting the lower and middle class people who they claim they're fighting for.

A bunch of elite snobs run this state. There are ways to fix infrastructure without raising taxes.

Read more at KFI News.

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