Two teens get hit by plane wing and die after taking selfies on Mexican airstrip

Two Mexican teenage girls were killed when a plane's wing hit their heads while they were taking selfies on an airstrip.

18-year-old Nitzia Mendoza Corral and 17-year-old Clarissa Morquecho Miranda were filming themselves on their smartphones as a small plane came down to land on Chihuahua.

The girls were standing in the back of a van on the airstrip and didn't see the plane coming down. Witnesses said they asked the teens to get out the van because it was dangerous, but the warnings were ignored.

There was no bad weather at the time, so the pilot's visibility wasn't affected. The girls were just not smart.

Narcissism will kill you, so put your phones away and stop taking pictures of  yourself.  And for the love of God don't park your van on an airstrip.

Where has common sense gone these days?

Read more at the Daily Mail.

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