Robot Prints and Burns Donald Trump's Tweets

When the robots come, they'll take our jobs - that much has been proven by the latest viral sensation. The new Twitter account @burnedyourtweet, consists of an adorable little robot posting videos of it burning President Trump's tweets immediately after he tweets them. We're taking this as proof that automation isn't just a threat to those with jobs in the auto, retail or service industries, it's also a threat to Twitter trolls. 

The robot was built by a mysterious Twitter user who has yet to reveal his identity. Videos of it printing out Trump's latest tweet, setting it on fire, and dropping it safely (we hope!) in an astray are tweeted out every time Trump drops a tweet. The videos are almost zenlike in their execution. 

However, the robot seems to have moved beyond burning just Trump's tweets. A software developer with 23 followers had his tweet burned by the @burnedyourtweets account which could signal one of two things:

1) That's the robot's developer testing out adding new users who can get their tweets burned. 


2) The robot is learning faster than we realize and we're only a few months away from Skynet waking up. 

We're rooting for option 1.

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