Assemblyman Vince Fong on transportation funding

Today gas bag Jerry Brown came out and wheezed that he wants to raise gas taxes and vehicle fees to generate $52.4 billion over the next 10 years in order to fix roads and bridges.

The gas excise tax would be boosted by 12 cents a gallon, which is a 43% increase.

Brown says there's going to be a Constitutional amendment to make sure the money is spent only on transportation projects, but we don't care.

They shouldn't be taking any more money!  California has always had money to fix infrastructure, but our leaders wasted it on other nonsense.

Now that we're in crisis mode, Brown is going to force more money out of our pockets and punish us for driving cars.

Enough already!

Assemblyman Vince Fong (R-Kern County) came on today to talk about the decision from Brown the Democrats, and talked about his plan to fix our roads.

AB496, the Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Act, would fix our infrastructure without raising taxes or fees, according to Fong.

The bill would provide $7.8 billion in transportation funding, and is based on 3 key points:

Transportation funds should only be used for transportation

Protect the middle class--no tax or fee increases

Accountability and make government more efficient.

Read more at The Daily Independent.

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