LAUSD Schools To Lose Funding For Being Too White

Parents at nine local schools in the L.A. Unified school district are not happy.

The schools are facing a loss of funding from the state, which could result in staff cuts, which will surely result in larger class sizes for students.


Basically, there are too many white kids at the school to receive funds.

The percentage of 'non-white' students in the school has fallen below 70%, and when that happens, the school is at risk of losing funds. 

In the 1970's, there was a series of court decisions dealing with desegregation, and according to the Daily News:

"Following a 1978 Los Angeles Superior Court-ordered integration program, LAUSD schools in neighborhoods with large minority populations get more funding when the proportion of white students is below 30%."

LAUSD spokeswoman Barbara Jones told the Daily News, the nine schools that are in danger of losing funding because of a change in demographics are:

  • Walter Reed Middle School  in North Hollywood
  • 3rd Street Elementary in Hancock Park
  • Broadway Elementary in Venice
  • Dahlia Heights Elementary in Eagle Rock
  • Knollwood Preparatory Academy Elementary in Granada Hills 
  • Plainview Academic Charter Academy in Tujunga
  • Stonehurst Avenue Elementary in Sun Valley
  • Emerson Community Charter in Westwood
  • Grant High in Valley Glen  

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