Jokesters ask for a Paul Walker statue in San Clemente

Two passionate citizens of the beach town San Clemente requested that the City Council erect a statue to honor their hero, Paul Walker. 

The two gave impassioned speeches about how Paul Walker's characters, specifically Fast and Furious, helped them through their tough times. One had his heartbroken when he was eleven when his love moved away and the other was given the courage to ask a girl out. Such an inspiration. 

Unfortunately, these seemingly genuine "surfer bros" are definitely pranksters in it for some YouTube hits. 

The first introduces himself as Chad Kroeger (a.ka. lead singer of Nickelback) and the second only gives one name Bodhi (a.k.a. the character from Point Break). 

If their names were't enough of a hint, Bodhi opens his statement with "I'm really nervous I haven't spoke in public since my step-mom's funeral." This opener seems to come straight out of a Will Ferrell movie. 

When asked by the council about the relevance that Paul Walker had to San Clemente Bodhi answered with: “Pretty sure Paul’s cousin went to San Clemente High for at least a few semesters”. 

These pranksters had some epic liners in their speeches that gave them away as more than simple surfers.

The City Council gave a fitting response to their request: "Sorry brah". 

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