Market Monday with Rebecca Jarvis

ABC's Rebecca Jarvis joins us today for Market Monday, giving us all the updates on the stock market and business news.

Rebecca has a new episode of her show "No Limits" coming out tomorrow.  Rebecca Jarvis speaks with the world's most influential women about how they built their empires -- from their earliest mistakes to their riskiest decisions to the worst advice they ever received to the moments that finally changed everything. New episodes every Tuesday morning.

This week's guest is Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox CEO and co-founder.  Katia Beauchamp says she was wired to be ambitious. The El Paso, Texas native attend Vassar and worked in finance/commercial real estate before attending Harvard Business School. It was there that she and her co-founder saw an opportunity to re-imagine the beauty industry and the way people shop for beauty products online. Birchbox was born. The idea was a monthly subscription with personalized samples to give the average beauty user an easy way to discover and shop for beauty products. She was told in the beginning that the idea wouldn't catch on but thanks to her confidence and tenacity she proved that notion wrong. Today, Birchbox has over 4 million customers across a multitude of countries as well as a brick-and-mortar store. On this episode of #NoLimits Beauchamp talks growing up in Texas, the art of cold-emailing (she cold-emailed Steve Jobs and got a response!), creating Birchbox while at Harvard Business School as well as Birchbox's most critical moments and handling the growing pains of an evolving company. She also shares the most valuable lessons learned along the way, the importance of being a great leader and how to empower your team

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