L.A. looking at tighter rules for carpool lanes

Traffic on our freeways suck. But instead of adding lanes or even making the carpool lane a regular lane, L.A. County transportation officials will consider imposing more tolls on more carpool lanes.

They’re also looking at a higher passenger requirement for the lanes.


How will that fix anything? Hey, we know traffic sucks, so let’s make it even harder for you to drive to work and charge you for it!

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board of directors voted 11 to 1 last week to ask for a study of those options.

They also want recommendations for cracking down on carpool lane cheaters. Where’s the study for GETTING RID of the carpool lane?

How about that study?

The MTA and the County will never do that though, because then they won’t get that extra money from us.

What a scam they’re running. Most people driving in Southern California are going to work, and they drive alone. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Aren’t you fed up with the stupid social engineering? Enough of these crappy, corrupt losers telling us how to live our lives!

Read more at the L.A. Times

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