Illegal Immigrants would rather go to prison than be deported

Federal agents trying to do their job and deport illegal aliens are having trouble in New York City. Defense lawyers are actually putting their clients in jail to keep them from getting deported.

On Thursday a Legal Aid lawyer claimed an ICE agent was waiting for her client, and she begged a judge to lock up the suspect.

The judge, an appointee of Mayor de Blasio, agreed and set the bail at $3,000 even though the defendant had been free for six months since his arrest.

An insider told the New York Post:

“I can’t believe this — every day Legal Aid is asking for no bail…And now they’re asking for bail because even going to Rikers is better than being deported.”

Defense lawyers are asking judges to sentence their clients to just under a year in jail, so that they’ll be in city custody instead of state custody.

Last year NYC evicted ICE from its offices at Rikers Island as part of de Blasio’s Sanctuary City reforms.

This is such gross nonsense. To go that far to protect illegal criminals…wow.

Who the hell is this judge?!

Read more at the New York Post

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