Idaho woman blames Bigfoot for her car crash

A woman in Moscow, Idaho told cops she crashed her car because she got distracted by a Sasquatch in her rearview mirror.

The 50-year-old woman was driving along U.S. highway 95 when she smacked her car into a deer.

She blames Bigfoot for chasing the deer onto the road while she was driving. And when she looked in her mirror to gaze at the hairy creature, the deer bolted in front of her.

Sheriffs logged the incident as a “vehicle versus deer” collision, but didn’t find any signs of ol’ Bigfoot lurking around.

Maybe this lady was so rattled from the crash that she started having Sasquatch hallucinations?

Or maybe she was teasing the beast with some tasty Jack Link’s Jerky?

Nah, this lady was probably just a careless kook. Keep your eyes on the road people, and leave Bigfoot out of it!

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