What exactly is a Smart Home?

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What exactly is a Smart Home? 

There are many technical definitions floating around out there involving interfaces, sensors that create feedback loops, networks, etc. But I've found it's a little too easy to get caught up in tech for tech's sake, and lose sight of practical realities. So I've developed a definition of my own that sums up what I believe the essence of a Smart Home should really be:

A Smart Home is a house in which complex technologies work together to simplify and enhance your quality of life and save you either time, or effort, or money, or all three.

Bottom line: A "Smart Home" that takes more from you than it gives back is NOT smart.

The great news is we really can afford to make our homes smarter. For most folks now the only thing standing in the way is not knowing what's out there. So here's a short list of products that are good examples of what's possible. It should be noted, I'm not being paid by any of these companies and this list isn't intended as an endorsement of these specific products. These are simply meant to inform and inspire. Enjoy!

Lighting: HUE by Phillips http://www2.meethue.com/en-us/

Power Outlet control: http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Residential-Commercial-Solutions/Pages/Residential-Solutions/WholeHomeSolutions.aspx

Windows: http://www.smarttint.com/

Thermostats: https://nest.com/

Irrigation: http://rachio.com/

Solar roof tiles: https://www.tesla.com/solar

Doorbells: https://ring.com/

Security: http://simplisafe.com/home-9

Garage door: https://www.liftmaster.com/liftmaster®-internet-gateway-your-simple-solution

Door locks: http://www.kwikset.com/kevo/default

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors: https://nest.com/smoke-co-alarm/meet-nest-protect/

Pet feeder: http://www.petnet.io/

Lawn: https://www.worx.com/landroid-robotic-lawn-mower-wg794.html

Leak detection: http://us.dlink.com/products/connected-home/wi-fi-water-sensor/


Vacuum: https://www.neatorobotics.com/

Mopping: https://www.irobot.com/For-the-Home/Mopping.aspx

Alarm clock: http://www.nandahome.com/

Roaming surveillance: 

Kuri: https://www.heykuri.com/

Riley: https://www.ipatrol.net/

BBQ: http://grillbots.com/

-Dean Sharp the House Whisperer

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