Disneyland's House of the Future

House of the Future was sponsored by Monsanto Company. 

The design and engineering of the house was done jointly by Monsanto, MIT and Walt Disney Imagineering.

The MIT faculty members were architects Richard Hamilton. and Marvin Goody, and building engineer Albert G.H. Dietz. 

The fiberglass components of the house were manufactured by Winner Manufacturing Company in Trenton, New Jersey, and were assembled into the house on-site.

The attraction offered a tour of a home of the future, set in the year 1986, and featured household appliances such as microwave oven which eventually became commonplace.

The house saw over 435,000 visitors within the first six weeks of opening, and ultimately saw over 20 million visitors before being closed.

The house closed in 1967. The building was so sturdy that when demolition crews failed to demolish the house using wrecking balls, torches, chainsaws and jackhammers, the building was ultimately demolished by using choker chains to crush it into smaller parts. 

The reinforced polyester structure was so strong that the half-inch steel bolts used to mount it to its foundation broke before the structure itself did.

The reinforced concrete foundation was never removed, and remains in its original location, now the Pixie Hollow, where it has been painted green and is used as a planter.

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