Trump's Ultimatum: Vote Now or Keep Obamacare

After postponing the vote to overturn Obamacare, President Trump is issuing an ultimatum.

Vote to replace the Affordable Care Act, or be stuck with it.

The president's budget chief Mick Mulvaney says if the new bill isn't passed Trump will leave the old act in place and move onto other issues.

The vote was supposed to happen yesterday, but many lawmakers were divided.

Conservatives said the new bill did not go far enough to undo Obamacare and they want to remove a major part of the law that requires health plans to cover a basic benefits.

Centrist Republicans were concerned over projections that say almost 24 million Americans would be without health coverage under the revision.

Idaho representative Raul Labrador says the issue is that no one actually likes this bill.

“The majority of Americans don’t like this bill, and the majority of Republicans in our districts don’t like this bill. Let’s make it a bill we can all be proud of.”

This delay has also allowed advocacy groups on both sides to challenge the vote.

Hospitals and physicians have pounded them with warnings about the loss in coverage and conservative groups say the proposed bill is weak and are pledging campaigns to discourage votes for the measure.

House leaders are working on last-minute amendments to get the yes votes necessary to pass.

Some changes would allow states to choose which "essential benefits" are required in healthcare plans and would keep a 0.9% charge on those with a higher income .

The amendments could give states more money for maternal and mental health.

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