Trump's Smoking Gun: Obama Did Spy!?

Republican congressional investigators are expected to provide evidence that the Obama administration did spy on Trump and his team.

Sources say the NSA will provide the House Intelligence Committee proof that committee Chairman Devin Nunes saw a collection of Trump team communications.

The intelligence gathered backs up the claims of surveillance that was known to Nunes long before President Trump's accusations of wiretapping.

The information alleges that in its final days, the outgoing administration used surveillance to spy on the then President-elect.

The FBI so far hasn't given the House Intelligence Committee the documents they've asked for and the ones the NSA will be handing over is expected to provide the apparent "smoking gun" that proves the spy claims.

In these documents is also said to contain more information than Nunes has ever seen or described.

He reportedly has not shared the materials with his committee but Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Representative Adam Schiff was briefed on the basics of the intelligence.

During a news conference, Nunes said he had seen evidence that the Trump transition team was being spied on.

He has since faced major backlash for talking to the press before his own committee.

After everything is gathered, it will still take time to sort through all of the information and a conclusion likely won't be seen until sometime next week.

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