Waffle House brawl gets nasty

Two Waffle House employees in Auburn, Alabama really went at it behind the counter, as customers sat and watched the whole thing.

Apparently the fight started when one woman walked up to the other, and asked her to move from the front of the dishwasher.

That's when they started arguing and then the fight broke out.

Customer Robert Payne caught the whole thing on video.   You can see the ladies scrapping on the floor, hitting each other with spatulas, and pulling each other's hair.

They yell the whole time, shouting obscenities and even making death threats to each other.

Payne said he'd just sat down and ordered his food when the brawl started:

“We could sense the tension in the air when we walked in."

He said he wanted to stop the fight, but he stayed out of it once his wife pointed out that the women could have knives.

Ah, good times.

Read more at Fox 5 Atlanta.

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