LAPD to Hold Hearings on Body Cameras

The Los Angeles Police Deparment said Thursday it would hold several hearings to collect public opinion -- about when video recorded by officers’ body-worn cameras should be made public.

The LAPD has generally refused to release its video absent a court order, but Chief Charlie Beck has said there are times when showing video of a critical incident - like a police shooting - could be helpful to the public’s understanding.

“There are so many interests that have to be balanced here,” Beck said.

“There’s the civil liability interests, the criminal liability interests, the interests of victims, the public’s need and right to know,” he said.

Police Commission president Matt Johnson said the public comments will be compiled by researchers and will be used to craft a new video policy.

“It’s our mission to get this policy right, and in doing so, we are reaching out to the public,” Johnson said.

The LAPD is in the process of buying enough body worn cameras to equip virtually every patrol officer by the end of the summer.

Johnson said he hopes the new policy will be approved around the same time.

-- Eric Leonard (@LeonardFiles)

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