DoorDash introduces new delivery robots in California

DoorDash, the on-demand restaurant delivery service, is introducing robots to work alongside its human coworkers.

The robots, created by Starship Technologies, will be used to carry the food from the restaurant all the way to the customer from distances ranging around one to two miles.

The delivery robots, which have six wheels and can easily maneuver on sidewalks, will be used officially in Redwood City, California.  

DoorDash had started to experiment with the robots back in Washington D.C.

“We’ve found that the robots are better suited to the smaller, short-distance orders that Dashers often avoid, thereby freeing up Dashers to fulfill the bigger and more complex deliveries that often result in more money for them,” said Stanley Tang, the co founder and chief product officer of DoorDash. 

Tang believes the robots don’t replace humans but instead act as a partner.

The company is currently introducing six DoorDash robots in California this Thursday but have plans to spread throughout the country in the future.

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