Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri: How the justice system failed Officer Keith Boyer

Whittier officer Keith Boyer's death was horrible, and it shed light on California's gross prison policies.

Boyer's killer, Michael Mejia, benefited from Jerry Brown's demented values by getting slaps on the wrist from his crimes.

Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri has written a column in The San Gabriel Valley Tribune called "How the justice system failed Whittier Officer Keith Boyer."

It perfectly explains what's wrong with AB109, and why Micheal Mejia was out on the streets and able to kill Keith Boyer:

"A Whittier police officer is dead and a second officer is recovering from a gunshot wound inflicted by a known gang member and two-time convicted felon. Why was this violent gang member on the street, with a gun? Why did the criminal “justice” system so miserably fail our officers? Why did it also fail law enforcement officers in Palm Springs and Lancaster?

Chief Jeff Piper didn’t claim Officer Keith Boyer’s alleged killer, Michael Mejia, was released early, as the Los Angeles Times incorrectly wrote in an editorial, but rather that Assembly Bill 109 had a direct impact on the process and treatment related to Mejia’s release..."

Whittier Mayor Joe Vinatieri joined us this afternoon:

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