Rescue dog saves the life of a three-year-old girl

This dog had a rough life but her family believes that her hardships are what gave her a 'sixth sense' that helped her save a little girls life. 

Peanut arrived at the local shelter with 2 broken bones, broken ribs and a stomach full of carpet. She was abused at her former home. 

She got a second chance at life with the help of a no-kill shelter and a new loving family. 

One day Peanut's owner was working in the garage when he heard her running around for no apparent reason upstairs. He let her out to use the restroom and she made a bee-line for a certain spot in the field. When he followed her out there he found a naked three-year-old girl shivering and terrified. 

They called 911 and by the time the girl left the only word she could say was doggie.

Peanut's owners wrote a letter to the shelter she came from to express their gratitude for their kindness towards Peanut. 

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