L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell opposes SB 54

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says he opposes SB 54, which is Kevin De León's evil plan to turn California into a sanctuary state.

The bill prevents federal immigration agents from taking custody of illegal criminals being released from California jails.

McDonnell said:

“I am not a Trump guy. I am not an anti-Trump guy. I am just a cop. I am about protecting public safety. I am getting hit by the Trump administration … one day and then the next day getting called anti-immigrant.”

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and The California State Sheriff's Association are opposed to the bill as well, but leaders in L.A. like Mayor Garcetti and Supervisors Solis and Kuehl are behind it 100%.

Yesterday KFI reporter Andrew Mollenbeck covered a rally of SB 54 supporters, who were angry about McDonnell's opposition:

On Monday the L.A. County Sheriff's Department was put on President Trump's "Name and Shame" list, which lists local agencies that "endanger Americans" by not handing requested criminals over to immigration authorities.

It's time to play ball, L.A. County.  Do not let California become a sanctuary state!

Meanwhile, KFI's Eric Leonard has learned that last year the LAPD refused all requests from ICE.  More than 300 requests!  

What the hell is going on?! Click here to read Eric's report.

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