Jerry Brown wheezes his way through Washington

Jerry Brown is in Washington, D.C. this week, where today he stood on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and called out President Trump.

He called for the President to "come down from Trump Tower" and called the Republican replacement for Obamacare "fake."

“This is not about health care reform, this is about disease, death and suffering. Mr Trump come down from Trump Tower and walk among the people and see the damage that this latest exercise in raw political power will wreck among the women, the men and the children of this country.

This is a dangerous bill. It’s written by people who don't know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Governor Brown wants "to find common ground" with Republicans, but he's still going to blubber about health care and the environment:

"I am here to negotiate. To make friends and to advance the cause of California."

He's also hoping to get more federal help with the bad flooding California saw this last winter:

"I'm optimistic. I think President Trump cares about helping people in disasters. We don't have the money in the pocket yet, but that's why we came back here to fight for California to get this money if we can."

Just don't get too preachy and blow cow farts everywhere, Jerry.  Your dangerous governing is costing us dearly, so don't f**k this up more.

Read more at the SacBee.

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