Chino Student Arrested For School Shooting Threat

A Chino High School student was arrested yesterday after threatening to perform a Columbine-style shooting at his school.

The unidentified 15-year-old's tweet was noticed by Tactical Institute, a Washington D.C.-based threat monitoring business that keep clients safe through what they call "real-time, actionable pre-intelligence and threat notifications."

Bob Dowling is the president of Tactical Institute.  He said, "We saw [the tweet] two minutes after he posted he was going to do a ‘Columbine’ at the school and ‘Chino would be a good place to do a school shooting.'"

Dowling said that Tactical Institute officials then reached out to the student's high school.

He continued, "We were able to get a hold of the school resource officer, and the officer was able to see that it was in fact a terroristic threat."

Chino police investigated and arrested the teen, who is now being held in a juvenile detention center.

Bob Dowling will join the Gary and Shannon Show today at 11:20 a.m. to discuss this threat as well as the attack in London.

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