Tech Restrictions on Muslim Countries

New guidelines to President Trump's travel ban will place tech restrictions on passengers traveling to the United States from Muslim countries.

Fliers will not be allowed to have laptops, tablets and other portable electronics on board.

Federal officials say they can still have these items, just not use them while flying and they have to be locked away in their checked bags.

Officials say the new rules stem from "evaluated intelligence" that terrorists target commercial flights by using portable electronic devices to detonate explosives.

The new guidelines will remain in place indefinitely. 

Ten airports in eight countries, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will be effected by the rules.

Royal Jordanian airlines tweeted about the new advisory but has since deleted it.

The airline replaced that tweet with one saying further updates will be announced later.

US officials have yet to comment on the new restrictions but would update "when appropriate".

Officials did say airlines have 96 hours to comply otherwise they risk losing authorization to operate in the United States. 

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