Man Recorded Trying to Assault Girl

A man was caught on security tape trying to grab a teenage girl as she walks past him in North Hollywood.

The footage shows the man grabbing at the girl, trying to put her in a bear hug before she manages to break his hold. 

He backs off for a moment as she walks away, but then it appears he thinks about running after her. 

The girl manages to sprint away and the man gives up and doesn't chase after her.

The footage was caught on a high quality security camera on Mike Oreb's house.

The incident happened while he was at work, and he was told by his neighbors what happened and that the police wanted to look at the footage on his camera.

“I give her a lot of credit because she did get away from him. You hear a lot of things like bad things happen. Good thing for security cameras.” 

The LAPD says the girl was on her way to school and they are unsure of how the man found her or why he tried to chase her down.

Neighbors are concerned as well because many school aged children are in the area daily as the incident happened down the street from Byrd Middle School and Francis Polytechnic High School.

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